20 May 2013

BBC Legal Drama "Silk" Coming to PBS

PBS will be giving detectives a holiday and putting barristers front and center when the network brings Silk to Masterpiece: Mystery! later this summer.

Silk: Series 1
Stateside fans of British legal dramas are in for a treat when Series 1 of Silkdebuts on PBS in August. Written by former barrister and BAFTA Award winner Peter Moffat (Criminal Justice)and based on his experiences at the Bar, Silk revolves around a group of barristers in the highly-competitive, high-stakes games of their careers.

For rival barristers Martha Costello (Maxine Peake, Shameless)and Clive Reader (Rupert Penry-Jones, MI-5),that means winning cases in their pursuit of both justice and "taking silk" -- being the sole barrister from their chamber to be appointed a Queen's Counsel (QC) and thus earning the right to wear the coveted silk robes that QCs wear in Court.

For competing barrister-in training pupils Nick Slade (Tom Hughes, Page Eight)and Niamh Cranitch (Natalie Dormer, The Tudors),it means proving they have what it takes to be both a full-fledged barrister and the lone pupil selected as a member of chambers.

Other cast members include Alex Jennings (The State Within)as Head of Chambers Alan Cowdrey QC, and Neil Stuke (Reggie Perrin)as Senior Clerk of Chambers Billy Lamb.

In a piece in The Telegraph, Moffat said this about his series:
"I wanted Silk to be full of politics and intrigue. From my experience at the Bar, I felt life in chambers had all of those components, with big stories and lots of courtroom drama – but I wanted to make it as much about barristers and their life in chambers as about the trials... I wanted to make sure that every big case, every trial in every episode, brings with it a really meaty, complex ethical or moral dilemma, which will affect the barristers in their professional and even personal lives."
Sounds like a winner, yes?

The six hour-long episodes of Silk: Series 1will air in three two-hour-long installments on PBS. Silk debuts on PBS' Masterpiece: Mystery! on Sunday, 25 August, at 9PM Eastern. (Check your local listings.)

UPDATE: If you missed Silk on telly, watch aired episodes on the PBS website.

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