19 October 2012

Weekend Viewing Roundup: 20-21 October 2012

The weekend is just about here, and with it comes several new episodes of fantasy and period dramas on telly, plus a bit of stand-up comedy. There's plenty more to watch online as well.

Bedlam: Season 1
For fantasy, head to BBC America tomorrow night for its Supernatural Saturday lineup. It kicks off at 9PM with "Unfaithful," the third episode of the new season of Bedlam. The ghastly goings-on continue as the ghosts wreak havoc on the residents at the insane asylum-turned-hip apartment building.

Following Bedlam is a re-airing of "Life Goes On," the third episode of the first season of Hex.If you're into goth, witches, angels, demons, and the like (and Michael Fassbender), check it out.

(By the way, the lead-in for both shows is a replay of "A Town Called Mercy," Episode 2 from Doctor Who: Season 7.1.)

Following Supernatural Saturday is The Ministry of Laughs, which has on tap Part 2 of the comedy special, Funny as Hell 2012, featuring stand-up comedians from the UK who performed at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal.

Sunday is period drama night. Starting at 8PM on PBS is Episode 4 of the hit new drama series, Call the Midwife. This show is brilliant and definitely worth a watch (imo). It's followed at 9PM by Episode 3 of Upstairs, Downstairs: Season 2 (which I'm finding to be more compelling than the first season).

Then at 10PM, the season finale of Copper airs on BBC America. It's been a huge hit with viewers and a ratings bonanza for the network, so BBC America has not only renewed the show for a second season, it ordered thirteen new episodes, up from the ten commissioned for Season 1.

And for your streaming video pleasure, Acorn TV is completing its run of The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: Series 2 (thirteen episodes), Blue Murder: Series 1 (six episodes), and Murdoch Mysteries: Series 1 (thirteen episodes) this Sunday. Catch them while they're still available there.

Have a fab weekend!

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